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The world is not flat; there are hills, valleys and turns in the road. More often than not, the road ahead is obscured. Today, businesses face global challenges inconceivable to previous generations. As new markets expand and globalization increases, developing winning strategies becomes more challenging. 

Waters International Development Consulting is a company that can leverage the existing strengths of your enterprise and help you re-align them in innovative ways to generate new revenue streams. Waters is a partner with the global experience to recognize emerging trends and place you at the forefront of expanding markets. Waters can be the needed a catalyst that impacts all other elements in order to create a beneficial reaction.

We are expert at bridging the gap between strategy and execution, always helping clients turn their questions into answers and moving ideas into actions. Our team consists of goal-oriented experts effectively leveraging existing contact networks to create a solution tailored to client needs. We draw upon our wealth of experience with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, United Airlines, Governors of six African central national banks, Wal*Mart, MCI Worldcom, Nuveen Investments, Southcom and Prentice-Hall to develop your solution.

RJ Gosselin, PhD

Dr. RJ Gosselin has extensive international experience leading companies to achieve their goals. For more than 30 years, he has been involved in helping the clients he serves develop and implement strategies to meet their goals of increased sales, expanding market share and solidifying business success. Over the course of his career, he has consulted to a wide variety of clients from entrepreneurial ventures and small-medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

While leading Waters, Dr. Gosselin formerly served in a contract executive role as the Chief Executive Officer of the Catalyst Group International, managing a group of companies that applies his global marketing experience and business intelligence to strategic projects on five continents. In that capacity he rapidly developed a global footprint consulting governments, global law firms, international banks, global television networks, and multi-national NGOs, facilitating global reach in research, development, and market application that helped shape the perspective, knowledge, and insight of clients throughout the world. 

He has also served in a contract executive role as CEO of IntentionAware, leveraging artificial intelligence for innovations in deep technology areas. He also served as President of ViVi Holdings, a company dedicated to eliminating the digital barriers to communications in order to connect people to their technology in simple and creative ways, and as President of The Jesus Alliance which connects believers in Jesus Christ with opportunities to to work together and impact their world with the Gospel.

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