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Our expert consultants work closely with your management. We focus on asking probing questions, obtaining critical data, assimilating information into operational intelligence.

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Strategic Planning

Companies intent on increasing successful operations often engage a strategic planning consultant to help them identify the best opportunities for growth. Drawing on a vast pool of global experience, we bring an independent, transformational perspective to your leadership's strategic planning team, inserting an objective perspective that is refreshingly free of inter-organizational politics, previous personal issues, "group-think" and other intrinsic organizational boundaries.

Work closely with your management, we focus on asking probing questions, obtaining critical data, assimilating information into operational intelligence. We then apply tools and methodologies to the data, aiding the strategic planning team to identify present market position, as well as organizational strengths and weaknesses.

Our consultants work with clients to navigate through the complex processes of organizational restructuring, developing investment strategies for technology, improving back-office client and customer retention programs, aligning organizational structures to meet changing operational demand, and much more. We can bring clarity to the planning process and produce an action plan that drives results.

Market Penetration

Effective CEOs are focused on accelerating the growth. This focus is industry agnostic; generating increased revenues goes beyond a particular product or service. Identifying, researching and penetrating new markets are often integral elements of achieving overall revenue growth targets. Understanding and properly leveraging grass roots market-related value dynamics can be the determining factor of profitability.

Even after potential markets are identified and quantified, measuring success can be difficult if a company has a one-size-fits-all viewpoint when it comes to metrics. Properly identifying key performance indicators impacts everything from resource allocation to value determinations - and even team compensation. Depending upon the mix of variables, even the firm's definition of "market" may be outdated and need to be honed.

Waters consultants have decades of experience in their various markets, as well as tightly integrated connections to specific market segments that form the sub strata of the live marketplace. The combination of our experience and our network make Waters a unique and valuable partner when your firm is entering a new market. 

Organization Management

Utilizing a contract executive allows a company to get talent when they need it, and gives them the option to limit their expenditure with a fixed term agreement. A company president or board of directors may be seeking an interim executive to fill an unexpected vacancy while HR undertakes an executive search. Or a startup firm may have reached the point where present management needs an experienced leader to come alongside the founder to help develop and execute a company strategy. 

Waters consultants are accomplished and creative executives, each of whom possesses multifaceted experience and a proven ability to lead and revitalize organizations, capture untapped opportunities for growth and initiate company-wide campaigns. Our operational experience has been gained in both North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world; and it encompasses operations in the for profit, not-for-profit, secular and religious realms. We can provide your firm with a results-oriented, decisive leader who is adept at forging lucrative relationships with key partners, vendors, and clients anywhere in the world.

Operational Security

Doing business in today’s global world is often dangerous. Waters consultants have provided services to prospective, current and former heads of state, corporate chief executives, international religious leaders, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. This has allowed us to develop significant operational awareness as to when and how operational security needs to be a considered factor in business operations, as well as developing an extensive network of highly-trained professionals that are capable of providing services in this arena. Our partners have held key security positions with US presidents, European sovereigns, multi-national organizations and international celebrities. Together, we are unsurpassed in our ability to bring the best team together to meet any security sensitive situation.

In the realm of operational security, Waters operates in concert with organizations regularly that provide solutions for global organizations, individuals, military defense teams and various sovereign government officials traveling to high risk places in Africa, Middle East and South America. Our experience and partnerships put us in the unique position of integrating our business expertise with best-in-class security operations. These operations are structured to meet each specific client scenario, and can be tailored for executive protection, organizational training, the examination of policies and procedures that affect risk exposure and tactical intervention. We can assist in developing plans to protect maritime assets, and can also provide full tactical teams to work as Private Military Contractors delivering support to local military forces and governments around the globe.

Waters is prepared to assist in operational security projects that range in size from a single close protection team up to company-sized light infantry units capable of conducting full scale operations.


Blockchain technology, and its potential implications on global business, is garnering unprecedented attention from business leaders around the world. As a tool with the capacity to open avenues for disruptive innovation that have not previously existed, blockchain opens new vistas.

Blockchain technology can be utilized to automate systems between legally separate entities in such a way that members of the consortium don't need to allow one party to control root access to the system through which they are doing business. It provides a rule-based methodology for monitoring and, perhaps more importantly, controlling the transactions processed by the system. But blockchain implementations are different in that they allow everyone to have control while no one is in control. This means no one is in a position to act in a manner that may be detrimental to the other players, whether they be one of the actors in the agreement, an outside third party or even a government. The blockchain ledger establishes an independent single point of truth that can store procedures, logic, business rules, etc. that deliver a shared and totally transparent operational control mechanism. These mechanisms reduce friction in global business transactions, increase speed of operation, decrease costs and can provide quantum changes in how business is done.

While a number of companies are exploring the blockchain or considering when, whether and how cryptocurrencies may be able to play a role in an overall organizational strategy, Waters already has live, in the field experience. We have developed cryptocurrency investment strategies that are generating revenue. We have overseen projects to create algorithmic analysis to assist traders of cryptocurrency. We have participated in ICOs.

Other Services

Our decades of experience on five continents allow Waters to impact a host of potential needs that could not be well presented via an organizational website. However, we are always happy to consider whatever specific need you may have and stand ready to create a custom solution perfectly fitted to meet a custom need.

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